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Web Vulnerabilities Detected, Reported and Fixed by Defencely Experts
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Why You're More Secure with Defencely

Security Pros
Protecting Your Site 24/7

Unlike other companies, we use real security experts (not just scanners) who work around the clock to find, fix, and prevent threats.

We Don’t Just Find the Problem,
We Fix It

We don't stop at simply reporting vulnerabilities, we fix them. That way, you don’t need to focus on your security, just your business.

We Guarantee Your Site Stays Safe,
Or We’ll Pay For It

We will be the defenders of your website. If any threat, hack, or vulnerability gets by us, we’ll pay your subscription for an entire year.

"Defencely is committed to providing platinum-tier protection to all our clients - from small startups to corporations and every level in between. With Defencely, you never have to settle for less when it comes to 360 Degree security"
Ritesh. A. Sarvaiya
Founder & CEO of Defencely
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