Cyber Security Experts Needed More than Ever – Demand Factor Exceeds Supply


Two years ago, in one of its case studies, CISCO CEO hinted that cyber security threats are on the rise. Back then, the overall number of companies was ignoring online security parameters, which is why the U.S. government never sanctioned a lot of loans to benefit security services providers.
Whatever happened next, everyone is aware of it… Companies started losing not only revenue to cyber attacks, but they also lost a great deal of valued customers. The latter, in any case, is more damaging to businesses that depend on prospering through customer reputation. (more…)

From CEO’s Desk to Your Inbox – The State of Online Security Is at Peril

Ritesh-A.-Sarvaiya-e1364216527480I vaguely remember the day when the idea of founding Defencely came into existence. It was not a by-product of sudden thought surge, or perhaps an impulsive reaction to something – it was based on years of analysis. We go back to 2002; the year when online security became an escalated concern among IT individuals.

Hackers were hacking online companies by the clock, businessmen were getting robbed of their financial assets on the internet, ecommerce businesses were at stake, and yet there I was, thinking that an average $3.5 million investment is more than enough to help security companies get their money’s worth. It was not – and it still isn’t. (more…)

Getting Hacked Wasn’t a Choice; Securing Your Website Is…

internet-skull-crossbonesIt is ironic to see whenever a security company claims to be the best. By our standards and work ethics, nothing makes you number one. It is purely your knowledge, past experience with vulnerabilities, and an unkempt desire to move on that makes you “better” – and that is about square.

When we talk about website security, you have already heard of the huge attack percentage. It is a notion that makes web masters believe that their websites are insecure because online attackers are at large. No, while it may be true that your million dollar internet company is a hotspot for competitors and unauthorized intruders, you are failing to secure some of the parameters because of sheer lack of knowledge.

As a matter of fact, website security is a very interesting topic; particularly for people who are on the radar these days, and to the ones who have a bit of web presence under their control. You hate the web at times; everyone does, and it happens when spam attacks, viruses, 0 day vulnerabilities and such attacks are affecting your chain of operation. (more…)