Defencely Expands its Operations to North America and Beyond

Defencely Final logoThanks to the rigorous effort and teamwork input from all members, Defencely has finally been able to spread its wings across North America. On this day, we have reached a milestone achievement; looking back just makes us all feel proud of ourselves.

Speaking of team members, Defencely Cloud Services Pvt. Ltd. was recently joined by Mr. Chris Barnes and Robert Clarke of Op-Ed; a top of the line Canadian Marketing Agency that has served numerous well known clients from the internet.

Both Mr. Chris Barnes and Robert Clarke are executive level marketing experts. Backed up by years of experience, accreditation from Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing and with several certifications to their names, Defencely will be going to next levels of recognition throughout the world.

CanadaHowever, to say that Barnes and Clarke are merely marketing experts would not do justice at all. It is indeed a pleasure to inform you that based on their decade of experience, both these gentlemen are also the founding fathers of their Digital Marketing Agency; its foundations were laid back in 2011.

Today, as we join hands with our allies in North America, we hope to serve clients, expand our sales operations and do whatever is needed in the most profound and professional manner. All of this will take Defencely to new vistas of success eventually.

Good luck to all.


Defencely Extends Heartiest Welcome to Hiren Shah as President of the Company

Hiren Shah - Defencely PresidentWe would like to take this golden opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Hiren Shah; the President of Defencely Cloud Penetration Services. While maintaining his stance at a vital designation in this company, Hiren has an ongoing track record for heading some of the leading internet platforms.

His involvement in Trunkoz (formerly recognized as QuantumPages) is certainly worth mentioning because of his strong association with the company as the Founder & President. Founded in 1998, Trunkoz took off as a dream shared between Hiren and his brother: Ashish to serve online enterprise and startup businesses alike.


Long Live the Visionary; Long Live the Company – Defencely Celebrates CEO’s Birthday

Finally, the 12th of May 2013 will be upon us; a random day in your life but quite an important one in mine because I will be turning 35. Here is to the moment when the illusion of separation from anything will collapse and the day we are all one. 

Here is to the bond, which is stronger than just team spirit, and here’s to the success of Defencely as the next gen cloud Services Company.

Defencely is in its premature state. I am saying this despite of the fact that we have achieved so much in such a little time, but I wish to see more progress. Isn’t this the formula for success? Keep working hard and ultimately you can join the rank of the elites in the industry.

Last Year In New York Times Square | A Blissful Moment Indeed

Ritesh Sarvaiya in New York Times Square - Picture Taken in Year 2012

I would like to take this great opportunity to say a few things about the company. Besides, it is going to be my birthday soon, and in the spirit of “Birthday Boy”, or rather “Man of the Hour” theory, I get to say today what my little heart desires.

I consider myself as a down to earth CEO; someone who thinks of Defencely as a cake on this day. I want all of the team members, readers and contributors to take a piece of the “cake” but not too much. I am merely inferring that we do not stop at any point, now that the company has been launched and received so much acclamation from numerous big names of the industry.

On a fairly quiet note, this day will be over. The only thing worth remembering will be what I and my team mates achieved through the last year. I can already spot many cards in my inbox, with tons on their way for 12th of May; all of them are filled with warm wishes concerning the company’s progress, and that’s how I want to see things going.

Envisioning Defencely with 200+ Clients in Next Year:

Defencely Final logoThere you have it; I couldn’t say it out in a clearer tone than this. As the CEO of the company, I wish to see us transitioning towards expansion. To all my teammates and subordinates, I need to send this message out that by the Grace of God we WILL have at least two hundred unique clients from all corners of the internet.

However, as we all know that vision is nothing without proper execution. Therefore I am expecting everyone to give each day, while they are working on Defencely, their best shot. Little by little, we will be establishing a sublime identity in the industry.

On this very day, the next year, I would love for us to talk about how far Defencely has come. We will be looking back over our shoulder and reminiscing that how we all made a promise to commit ourselves for more acquisitions, reputable clients and vice versa. Let today be the day we enjoy and celebrate not only my birthday, but everyone’s birthday since we have done so much and sacrificed a lot to be under this roof.

A Note to my cute Little Rikhav:

Some of you may not know that I am a father too. My Son: Rikhav, the little angel, will be turning 2 on the 28th of May 2013. Already, I can see the little champ spreading his wings, and ready to take over the world in his own way.

The biggest advantage of cloud world and blogging is that nothing vanishes or gets destroyed over time. A diary can be lost; pages can be worn out over time, but a blog post will always be there. On a funny note that is only possible if a hosting company subscription and a domain name doesn’t expire soon. Anyhow, I know that one day Rikhav will be reading this post.

I love you Rikhav. I have great hopes of seeing you probably heading this company, or a multitude of other companies from all over the IT industry. What is more important is a man’s character; his honesty and beliefs – I know you will not compromise on those traits, son.

We will always remember your First Birthday, Rikhav 

Rikhav's First Birthday - Looking Cute as Always

Without mentioning Tejal Sarvaiya; my lovely wife and Rikhav’s mother, I would be erring on my part. Tejal, I thank you wholeheartedly for all the support, love and for those times when things were a little rough. Whenever I contemplate the past few years and the way you have stood beside me through thick and thin, my heart is filled with nothing but love for you.

My beloved wife: Tejal Sarvaiya | Without your support, Defencely will be incomplete


I am delighted to offer my whole hearted appreciation to everyone who has been involved in this company. The World Wide Web community has already been impressed by Defencely Cloud Penetration Services, our hard work and panel members.

All of this would not have been possible if we had not continued to work hard day in; day out. Let me soften up a little today, and thank you all for believing in my dreams and making this possible. Let’s turn on some party music and dance our butts off! Let’s conquer a thousand more Hall of Fame pages from companies all over the world. Huzzah!!! 

Defencely Hailed at Google Hall of Fame Webpage for 3 Consecutive Quarters

Nothing delights us more than breaking news about our recent achievements. Well, for 3 consecutive times, we were acknowledged loud and clear at Google Hall of Fame webpage (Honorable Mention Section & Vulnerability Rewards Section). The reasons are of course obvious; we had our radar searching for the search engine giant’s security weaknesses; we spotted them and reported them like clockwork.