Defencely Team Extends a Warm Welcome to Robert Clarke – Vice President Sales & Customer Success (North America)

Robert Clarke - Vice President Sales and Customer Success DefencelyAfter months of rigorously working at its forefronts, Defencely takes utmost pleasure in announcing that yet another ace of spade has joined our panel of experts. Meet Robert Clarke as he is going to be maintaining his position at Defencely as the company’s Vice President (for) Sales & Customer Success (North America).

Robert has been and still is associated with Op-Ed; a Digital Marketing Agency from Canada, which in fact is one of the biggest online marketing firms right now. He is a fine example of a person who took off as a copywriter and remarkably honed his skills to take him to the highest levels of any company he ever had the opportunity of working with.

At Defencely, Robert, alongside his subordinates, is going to expand our sales operations, marketing parameters and brand name amongst all kinds of prospects across (and beyond) North American territories. Already, a staggering number of opportunities and marketing vistas have opened up after Robert joined our company.

Robert, we welcome you aboard with the intent of investing in a long term business relationship. Today is a great day indeed. Let this moment commemorate a time when Defencely began to spread its wings across the globe as the next gen security services provider online.

We Welcome Chris Barnes to Defencely as the Chief Marketing Officer (North America)

Chris Barnes - Defencely Chief Marketing OfficerI take great pleasure in announcing today that Chris Barnes has joined the ranks of the elites at Defencely Cloud Security Pvt. Ltd. In his role as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Barnes will be flaunting is skills for marketing, client acquisition, social media optimization and for many other tasks that are lined up ahead of us.

Chris holds his position at Op-Ed, one of the biggest Digital Marketing Agencies from Canada, as a seasoned marketing enthusiast and as one of the founding fathers of the company itself. However, to say that marketing is his only forte would not be an accurate statement on our part.

He is an accredited Google Adwords partner, while holding certification as Bing Accredited Professional. We are looking forward to a healthy long lasting relationship with Chris. The man is known for his belief in simplicity – so much so that his unusual approach to online marketing has been reputed to affect business expansion for some of the most notable names of the industry.

We hope and wish to see the same results where Chris will be working his magic for Defencely in years to come.


Defencely Expands its Operations to North America and Beyond

Defencely Final logoThanks to the rigorous effort and teamwork input from all members, Defencely has finally been able to spread its wings across North America. On this day, we have reached a milestone achievement; looking back just makes us all feel proud of ourselves.

Speaking of team members, Defencely Cloud Services Pvt. Ltd. was recently joined by Mr. Chris Barnes and Robert Clarke of Op-Ed; a top of the line Canadian Marketing Agency that has served numerous well known clients from the internet.

Both Mr. Chris Barnes and Robert Clarke are executive level marketing experts. Backed up by years of experience, accreditation from Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing and with several certifications to their names, Defencely will be going to next levels of recognition throughout the world.

CanadaHowever, to say that Barnes and Clarke are merely marketing experts would not do justice at all. It is indeed a pleasure to inform you that based on their decade of experience, both these gentlemen are also the founding fathers of their Digital Marketing Agency; its foundations were laid back in 2011.

Today, as we join hands with our allies in North America, we hope to serve clients, expand our sales operations and do whatever is needed in the most profound and professional manner. All of this will take Defencely to new vistas of success eventually.

Good luck to all.


Defencely Extends Heartiest Welcome to Hiren Shah as President of the Company

Hiren Shah - Defencely PresidentWe would like to take this golden opportunity to extend a warm welcome to Mr. Hiren Shah; the President of Defencely Cloud Penetration Services. While maintaining his stance at a vital designation in this company, Hiren has an ongoing track record for heading some of the leading internet platforms.

His involvement in Trunkoz (formerly recognized as QuantumPages) is certainly worth mentioning because of his strong association with the company as the Founder & President. Founded in 1998, Trunkoz took off as a dream shared between Hiren and his brother: Ashish to serve online enterprise and startup businesses alike.