Defencely Peep-in year 2014

Warm heads ups! and a great day ahead. Greetings from Shritam Bhowmick, Technical Specialist and Application Security Research division on Defencely, we have something new to share with our readers today after a long week work. The fruits have come and we are ready to share some thoughts and also introduce additional information on the same.We always wondered sharing some read with our readers as they deserve to know the insights and the peaks Defencely Inc. recently had been continuously achieving.

We did some refreshment and squeezed out some time off for massive incoming interviews early this year and right from the very beginning, we kept tracking these additional information at one place for easy access to spread out the word . All of these interviews for the year 2014 had to go in one blog post as readers could get a note in and out of Defencely Mantra which is now at it’s peak and keep getting updated with what’s new with Defencely, the vision we set back before, the progress and the super solid services we had been providing our clients globally. Our this repository of interviews were not lost onto us and we wanted our readers to know the ultimate success stories we had achieved this year itself. We found the interviews exciting to answer and we hope our readers will find it exciting to read the conversations as well.

  • First to start off, our Interview on blogging cage interview series made out an example 13 questions asked with much background about Defencely, how it evolved and what is the future of cloud based web business with services which have gone wild west outperforming, visit our conversations at Blogging Cage BCIS15.
  • One of the biggest coverage Defencely recently had an opportunity to base out it’s trusted services and why big giants CIO’s must accept the current Web 2.0 security scenario with a brave-heart bloomed across the Internet and Ritesh Sarvaiya, our CEO, Defencely Inc. made his opinion throughout the Magazine! Grab the read at CIO: A must-accept Security Scenario for leading enterprise business.
  • Did we unveil we had an International coverage long back this year? Hacksurfer covered a brief coverage keeping the theme ‘Financial Bank’ and talking ‘hackers’, ehm, crackers. Defencely also covers the security scenario across India, and what needs to be improved. Take back a seat and read them at Hacksurfer: Talking Bank and Cyber Security in India.
  • Defencely had been on top of the India’s cloud market which is the ONLY manual penetration testing company providing it’s client with quality reporting and manual driven vulnerability assessments. In this coverage, Defencely details how the day was saved by Defencely at Coffee Business Merchandise which fell in the hands of malicious attackers taking serious threats to the next level. Have a thrill experience here and watch out on the details, read them at: Wideinfo: Day saved, Coffee Business Merchandise Secured!
  • India’s biggest technology magazine giant and a leading technology online magazine portal decided  Defencely to cover an in-depth study onto growing cloud security aspects in India and the young talented generation taking this by lead. If you are already interested how India is being changed with new skills pouring in, we recommend reading this amazing conversation here: EFYTimes: Talent In The Cloud Security Space.
  • Defencely was crowned with the title of being the most successful and amazing Startup business in India. Our goals were never lost and we achieved and moved ahead by now. It was this fast, do take a read if you wanted to know why Defencely could be your next business outreach and why it’s efficient and cost effective for the growing E-commerce industry in India? : Yourstory: Indian E-commerce Market needs Defencely.
  • Our start-up interview is not lost onto us and we wondered if this could make our readers know Defencely a little closer, a step more precise taking back the the question conversations to what made Defencely Inc. reach where it is today! This sizzling talk with Ritesh Sarvaiya, CEO, Defencely Inc. reveals the absolute beginning for Defencely and what it has become initially as a start-up: WithStartUps – Defencely Founder Interview

We really aren’t competitive here. We believe:

Competition are for those who re-invent the wheel. We innovate and introduce new ideas into reality for others. If the quest is great in itself, there isn’t a greater goal for Defencely Inc. to achieve but provide its clients with the assurance for complete application security.

We took a step forward to compile these interview conversations and articles into a list for easy readability. Here’s the quick read:

Did we say, this was just not all? and we had bunch of other news to share with you, keeping you a step ahead on cloud security enterprise operations Defencely carries out. We will soon be active and be back with a lot of additional coverage to do, both an the enterprise business and at a technical level. We hope, everything is been tuning to your wish and we also look forward to exchange words with our global readers. Feedbacks are always appreciable, and do keep subscribed to us because big news are just starting to chill up mountain heights this winters. Have a happy and a sizzling weekend! Stay tuned.

Facebook Shares Its Thanks to Defencely


Helping companies like Facebook maintain a healthy user experience is always a top priority for us here at Defencely.

Recently, our security professionals identified a set of malicious vulnerabilities that could have made the world’s largest social community vulnerable to hack attempts.

For our assistance, Facebook was kind enough to acknowledge us on their White Hats 2013 Acknowledgements webpage (see image).

It’s always nice to gain a little street cred in the world of web security.

This is not only a great achievement for us, but it’s also an indicator of a constantly evolving state of security in the cyber world.

If your business – no matter how big or small – is looking for the same type of web protection connect with a Defencely security expert today.

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Defencely Recognized by PayPal for its Security Expertise


What a way to cap off a week. Defencely along with it’s web application security services have yet again been onto recent acknowledgement pages on biggest giants of the web world. To start off with the posts, here’s to what Defencely provides:

  1. An antique set of quality security service.
  2. State of art Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Tests.
  3. Quick code review with Code Auditing Servcies.
  4. Network Security Engagements.
  5. Mobile Application Security Engagements.
  6. Quality Reporting as Deliverables.

Benefits of Defencely services would fall short for this post. Before starting off, It’s a precise formula for every company in the information security market to have expertise set of skilled developers, researchers, and home-grown enterprenuers; Defencely as it’s proved now hasn’t fallen short of in any yet and would continue providing best security 360 degree cyber suite as professional services to MEGA corporate business and ensure Busness stays at safe hands with a complete security package at unbeatable price ranges. Quality Assurance, and benefeciaries matter for these big giants and they could not keep their eyes moving fast enough when ‘Defencely’ security experts lay their hands on the keyboard and start considering ‘security’ as their primary business of the day.

Within a short 1-year commencement under expertise umbrella, Defencely had hand picked security researchers, trained them into their concerned portfolios and hence have been looking forward to create a history in India with it’s efforts to change the face of industrial information security war, as it’s played by the con and defended by the Defencely Standards. This post is regarding one of the many achievements Defencely is proud to share with the world wide web and the followers. The excerpt goes as mentioned below:

Earlier this week we were recognized by AT&T on their Security Acknowledgements page, and now we’ve received the same from PayPal.

PayPal has recognized Defencely on its 2013 Big Bounty Wall of Fame, for our security work helping them keep their service as one of the safest ways to pay online.

PayPal oversees millions of transactions per day, so online security is of utmost importance to the successful running of its business.

We’re only happy to help businesses like PayPal stay secure, while making a positive influence on the online security community.

“Security success is the sum of small efforts, day in, day out.”  That’s the motto we live by here at Defencely..

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