Defencely Hailed at Google Hall of Fame Webpage for 3 Consecutive Quarters

Nothing delights us more than breaking news about our recent achievements. Well, for 3 consecutive times, we were acknowledged loud and clear at Google Hall of Fame webpage (Honorable Mention Section & Vulnerability Rewards Section). The reasons are of course obvious; we had our radar searching for the search engine giant’s security weaknesses; we spotted them and reported them like clockwork.  

Speaking of Google, one cannot ignore the magnitude of the company. No wonder, it is a leading company with billions of users all over the world. However, Google is just another IT company at its core; vulnerable, exposed and always prone to advanced level cyber-attacks.

See Us Acknowledged at Google Hall of Fame *(Honorable Mention Section)


Defencely did its part by diligently notifying Google about recently detected vulnerabilities. During the company’s last two quarters, we did the same and Google representatives responded courteously to our notifications. Security experts agree that a company as big as Google has very intelligent system to ward off exploiters and hackers.

Our CTO Atul H. Shedage – The Upcoming Security Expert Hailed at Google Again


However, such incidents are a fine example of how vulnerable any online business can be if proper care is not taken on time A special thanks goes to Atul H. Shedage and Tushar R. Kumbhare. Atul, our Senior Level CTO and Defencely Co-Founder has been on the lookout for detecting and reporting security parameter weaknesses to concerned authorities. Same goes for Tushar R. Kumbhare; though he just joined the Defencely panel, the young genius has proven his worthiness through his hard work and dedication.

Google Acknowledges our Just-In-Time Security Notifications Again – Thanks to Atul H. Shedage and Defencely CEO: Ritesh Sarvaiya


For obvious reasons, we cannot disclose the nature of these vulnerabilities. However, you are more than welcome to have a chit chat with us concerning your company’s state of security in the online world. Rest assured, everything will be discussed in the most professional manner.

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