Defencely Recognized at AT&T Bug Bounty Program Webpage

Calling ourselves Security Pros is one thing. Being recognized for our security work by some of the world’s leading companies is another thing. Defencely had been a home for some of the greatest international application security researchers and also a home to growing enterprenuers in industrial security. As per the performance, Defencely has readily achieved within a short span of time, it’s a great honour to share our expertise for a formal commitment to making the business world security with Defencely total security coverage for their valued clients. As per Defencely policies, we maintain a very strict discipline via which our expert research team have been home-grown and yet find their comfort into the same princples followed. At Defencely, best could only be the possible option and there’s no compromise to that.

Defencely is proud to announce that AT&T, one of the largest telecom companies, has recognized our work on its security acknowledgements page (see image below).


This webpage is dedicated to acknowledging those security reporters who have encountered a bug or an exploit in the company’s system, which would have been otherwise extremely harmful if used with an ill intent.

Even large companies like AT&T are vulnerable to advanced cyber-attacks.

No business, no matter how big, can be confident that their site remains safe without having their security parameters watched, scanned, and guarded 24/7.

Special thanks to Krishna Chaitanya Kothapalli and Raj Sukali, Shritam Bhowmick; Defencely and the Security team for making this possible.

If you’d like to keep your site safe, please contact a Defencely Security Professional today.


5 thoughts on “Defencely Recognized at AT&T Bug Bounty Program Webpage

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  3. This new upgrade might do away with passwords and codes, focusing business instead on common and open standards.
    Another omission, that Apple will expose it around June or
    July. Some offer entire protection and some partial protection to the phone.

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