Security Mis-configuration in the Corporate World!

It’s again a pleasure to look forward to the crowd that we’re gathering here at our blogs & an immense gratitude that i feel of the responses. With your support, we bring you another extraordinary tale of red teaming & penetration testing scenario where Defencely breaks all frontier barriers & escalates the ecstasy of pure bliss of Red Teaming!

This post is intentionally crafted to show how much our Client benefit from our Dedicated Services & how few short fall measures in security could lead to a larger sub-set (not to talk of the master set) risks involved with businesses, data & a paramount of reputation included all in one fine package.

Security Misconfiguration

A security misconfiguration can happen in any part of an application.

Today, We are going to discuss about how we owned a target using a similar misconfiguration which lead us to compromise the whole database system.

The screenshots used in the post will be intentionally created on our lab environment to reproduce the same scenerio and maintaining the security policy of the target company.

The process of reconnaissance took us to a IP. A simple NMAP scan throws the result:

So, there was something running at the PORT `8000`. When we took a look into the that – we found that:

The developers left the old config files lying that too on a publicly exposed server. We checked if any phpMyAdmin was running on the target host.

And we were in.

Let’s look forward to more amazement at Defencely Red Team Operations Labs next week for absolutely yet another amazing uncover story of how we’re adding value to our customerbase with insider threat program as well as routine sound-ful & an offensive Vulnerability Assessment followed by a Penetration Test for critical applications both at the staging level & production bases. Our manual security assessments methods have proved the best value. Feel free to touchbase at, Shritam Bhowmick, Red Team Lead @Defencely for any Security Operations Related queries or say “Hi” to us at for inquiries.

We should see you again next week with another operational tale of the broad security premises where 0days are always a possibility & at proximity of a security compliance issue which always will be a sooner or later decision by the Indian E-Commerce Management & stakeholders.

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